Eggy goodness, thank the Lord


Just couldn’t wait.

At first, I thought Lord Stow’s Bakery might be one of the places where the hype out-ran the product. In my quest for the truth, I gained a little weight. Nearly every local cafe/bakery will sell they’re version of the story. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t find out.

For some time now, Lord Stow’s has sat at Top 1 on my Treat List. Hands down, they make the best Portuguese egg tarts in town, and their cafe serves a good fresh menu. To get the best egg tart experience, get a take-away tart from their bakery in Coloane (which also stocks REAL bread and muesli/yoghurt). They’ll bring it fresh out of the oven, so get your money ready. Once the cash is on the counter, that tart is halfway in my mouth. If you have some self-control, head to the seaside just outside and let the rest take care of itself. My other favourite pastime is to sit in their cafe, just a few doors down from the bakery, and enjoy with a cup of tea.

There will be throngs of tourists buying boxes of the stuff from the bakery. If you happen to be there at an unfortunate time, just walk round the back where they’ve opened an express cafe. No seats, just a long wood bench where you can have a coffee and tart. Simply the best.



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